GEMALTO.NET PACK : secure access to the workstation, cards are used by Microsoft, simple installation & fully compatible with Windows 7 & 8. Low cost & protecting his system, scalable to encryption & comprising : 1 smart card.NET + 1 Reader PC USB-TR + Software + Software EID authenticate Vsec K-Series (free version) + free software TrueCrypt.

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PACK GEMALTO. NET comprising 1 Gemalto smart card.NET +1 smart card reader Gemalto PC USB-TR + Softwares + Software EID authenticate Vsec K-Series (free version) + The Free Software TrueCrypt.

Smart card interface:

Architecture PC Core hardware and firmware:
• Support ISO 7816 Class A, B and C (5V, 3V, 1.8V)
• Compatible with all ISO 7816 TA1 parameters (Up to 500 Kbits / s, TA1 = 97 with a 4 MHz clock drive)
• Supports reading and writing with all cards ISO 7816-1,2,3,4 microprocessor and protocols T = 0 and T = 1
• Supports memory cards via the card synchronous API
• Detection of short circuits Smart card connector
• 8 friction contacts - ISO location
• 100,000 insertion cycles
• Mechanical compatibility EMV Level 1
• Supports the embossed card

Standards / Certifications :
• ISO / IEC 7816-1,2,3,4: microprocessor cards with contacts
• Terminal EMV Level 1 version 4.0 PC Core Twin Pro IFM
• More ChipSafe Mondex Purse 2 (PC Twin)
• Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) Windows Logo Program WLP 2.0
• Full speed USB 2.0 certified (USB drives listed on the website)
• CCID - Chip Card Interface Device 1.0 (ExpressCard and USB drives)
* The Free Software TrueCrypt

SPECIFICATIONS Gemalto smart cards. NET :

With the new generation of smart cards Gemalto. Net, companies can secure their networks from end to end while reducing the cost and complexity of deployments of strong authentication services (X509 certificates or OTP). The solution of smart cards Gemalto. NET integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft cryptographic architecture using the Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) and technology Minidriver. The card is recognized by Windows Vista and standart 2008 and a simple update in Windows Update Xp and Windows 7. Native support for smart card technology Gemalto. NET Windows facilitates the deployment of cards and their integration, as no additional software or middleware is required. A PKCS11 library is available for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. The map. Net also supports strong two-factor authentication technology based One Time Password (OTP). Support Native card in Windows environments.

Integration in Forefront Identity Manager 2010 PKCS # 11 library provided for Linux and Mac OS
Support strong authentication certificate or OTP
Different form factors available
Unlock pin code user through a process of Challenge Response (no PUK Administrator)

Gemalto smart card. NET fits naturally in the environment. NET and service-oriented architectures. It uses an embedded version. NET Framework to provide authentication Protiva OTP to two factors, extended functionality of encryption, and seamless integration of services and applications for smart cards with Windows ® environments. Extending the programming model Microsoft. NET smart card, this solution provides enterprises and developers a wide range of features including memory management and robust security regardless of the programming language. Native support technology Gemalto smart card. NET Windows Vista facilitates the deployment of cards and their integration, as no additional software or middleware is required. This support is also available on the Microsoft Download Center for Windows versions 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM), the identity management solution to reduce the costs associated with digital certificates and smart cards, fully supports carte.NET Gemalto. Microsoft Windows (including Vista) includes many card applications. NET such as secure access to two factors desktop computers or networks (strong authentication). Gemalto cards. NET may contain digital certificates to ensure the identity of sign or encrypt email and documents. Many other common applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, supports the various features of smart cards Gemalto. NET. 2 factor strong authentication, compatible with Microsoft Crypto Next Generation architecture; natively with Windows Vista ™ or through Windows Update for other Windows versions.

Rich development environment, SDK for Visual Studio ®. NET. 32-bit architecture, upgradeable after deployment, compliance with standards. Support for future technologies such as Microsoft's CardSpace. The combination of technology. NET and smart card is the Gemalto. NET an intelligent more reliable and secure applications running in the card or outside. These features pave the way for better integration of services and applications on smart cards. For all these reasons and many more, Gemalto smart card. NET has been selected by Microsoft to become the badge business for logical and physical access worldwide. Protiva is a platform Strong authentication based on smart card expertise of Gemalto and strengths of this technology. Protiva is composed of a variety of devices (or token) authentication, browser plugin, an administration portal and portal based user self-service. With a total cost of ownership of less than alternatives, Protiva guarantees optimum safety with a wide variety of form factors. Your company may, at first, deploy Protiva to secure the identification of network users, and then move towards comprehensive protection of identities using security features based on smart card and Microsoft Windows Platform . NET. All this without compromising the infrastructure in place and maintaining the same smart cards or tokens for users.


The solution of smart cards Gemalto. NET integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft cryptographic architecture using the Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP). This solution not only ensures a perfect secure computing environments with strong authentication, but also enables easy deployment and smart cards with a cost under control. The Gemalto minidriver is available with Windows Update and is natively supported by Windows Vista.


Application development with Visual Studio.NET facilitates the integration of smart card based solutions in web services. Gemalto offers a software development kit (SDK) for Visual Studio. NET that allows quick and easy access to advanced development environments Visual Studio. NET Framework SDK. NET smart card.


Unified communications between the smart card and the host computer. The communication mechanism. NET Remoting provides reliable communication and integrity. It supports standard protocols such as XML, SOAP and HTTP, as well as classic APDU commands (standard ISO 7816-4).

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