Czytnik kart pamięci SIM GEMALTO IDBridge K3000

Smartcard reader SIM format GEMALTO IDBridge K3000. For more quantity ordered : upon request

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IDBridge K3000


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The K3000 IDBridge drive (Ex SG and SG Core Core 2GB) :

Compact USB drive (64 x 24 x 12mm), the K3000 IDBridge Gemalto is the ideal host for your office security solutions as well as outside. Easily transportable share of its small size, it offers the power of a card reader table chip. Small enough to be attached to a key ring, but smart enough to be secure, it proves to be the ideal solution for users who want to combine high security and portability.

It can manage processes such as strong authentication, digital signature, electronic, secure online transactions, data encryption. The K3000 IDBridge welcomes an optional micro SD card which allows transport of sensitive data securely. Interfacing directly with the PS/SC standard drivers, it requires no installation of specific drivers in Windows ©.

Hardware architecture:
     ID-000 smart card reader with HID / CCID switch
     High Speed USB 2.0 Mass Storage interface
    Operating systems:
     Windows © 7 using Microsoft CCID driver, 8
     Windows © XP SP2 / Seven
     Windows Vista © 32/64-bit
     Mac OS X 10.6 Lion ©

Markets environment :
      Health / Medical
Security / E-Government
• Access control / Company
Financial Services

     Identity Protection
     Logical access, strong authentication
     Data security, electronic signature, encryption
      secure online transaction, secure connection

NB : Sim card not inclued

Micro SD card of 2 Go bytes included

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