Doppia interfaccia lettore di schede HID CARDMAN 5421

Dual interface card reader for PC, combining technologies contact card & Contactless, can read/write data on smart cards & 13.56 MHz contactless & on all contact smart cards. Is suitable for all environments  & it replaced the 5321 best seller. For quantity orders please contact us

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The OMNIKEY ® 5421 is the latest in contactless smart card applications for the benefit of PC who benefit from its convenience, speed and level of security, including Windows ® logon, secure access to networks, websites and applications secure storage of user names, passwords and personal information:

- Supports three ISO standards for contactless cards (ISO 14443 A / B and 15693) and industry standards for contact cards ISO 7816, EMV (Europay ®, MasterCard ®, Visa ®) Microsoft WHQL and HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface)
- Transmission speed up to 848 kbit / s ISO 14443 transmission mode at high speed the use of contactless smart cards
- Standard application interfaces including PC / SC, Synchronous API (PC / SC), OCF (Open Card Framework) or CT-API

Contactless smart cards supported:
- Texas Instruments: TagIt ®
- ST Micro: x-ident, SR 176, SR 1X 4K
- Infineon: My-d (unique ID to secure mode only)
- Atmel: AT088RF020
- KSW MicroTech: KSW TempSens
- Key generation Contactless 2048 bit RSA mode (JCOP / SMART-MX) Drive USB smart card with and without contactless RFID, HID iClass and NFC
- Wide range of applications - ideal for Player environments using smart card contact and contactless
- Transmission speed with contactless cards - Speed transmission up to 848 kbit / s in ISO 14443 A / B high-speed when using smart card Contactless
- User comfort - housing design optimized for the advanced contactless applications
- Compatibility - Supports HID ® iCLASS ®, MIFARE ®, as well as ISO 14443A / B and ISO 15693, NFC and electronic passport.

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Download drivers and pilots

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