Tastiera impermeabile IP68

Waterproof Keyboard IP68 white developed for applications where the need for cleaning and disinfecting is a major concern (medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food). It is a rugged and reliable, it can be used on virtually all surfaces. For quantitative orders, upon request

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UG-KIP68 blanc


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IP68 keyboard 105 keys AZERTY USB/PS2- (Ref.: UG-KIP68W) Warranty 1 year.
• Membrane silicone elastomer
• Submersible, waterproof IP68 on any envelope
• Excellent tactile
• Color: white
• Plug and Play
• USB and PS / 2 (adapter included)
• Compatible with Windows and Mac OS9.1 and 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista +
• Compatible ROHS
• Dimensions: 440 x 136 x 8 mm
• Weight: 680g
• Packing card (480 x 180 x 30 mm)

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