Best peripherial products on the field to read smartcard and contactless card

The easiest way for secure identification with respect for your privacy !


Stong of CARTESAPUCE-DISCOUNT's management experience in smartcard and contactless peripherials market; CARTESAPUCE-DISCOUNT is focused as a specialist in smartcard readers, in contactless readers, in smartcard keyboards, in dual interfaces keyboards, in expresscard readers, and also accessories for all typ of contact cards. Our aim is to distribute the best contact cards péripherials available on the market to Business to business distribution and also for Business to consumer specifications, which are used for plenty applucations as login access control, PKI, single sign on, reading Electronics ID Cards for several country, reading driving licences, e-voting, e-banking, ...etc.

Besides, CARTESAPUCE-DISCOUNT offers a complete large range of products for a day using of smartcards or contactless cards for companies who needs to integrate login access control on work desk, and also for end user customers who will need more and more secure IT peripherials on their home desk to read their official documents as Electronic ID Cards, Driving licences, e-banking, e-voting, e-payment, ...etc