Wasserdichte Tastatur antibakterielle ACTIVE KEY AK-C8100F-U1

AK-C8100F-U1 : Disinfectible PC-Keyboard for Purity and Hygiene AK-C8100 Serie Medical Key* : 105 keys, USB, French Layout, 360° Safeguard against Dirt and Splash Water, Silicone Key, Membrane for Utmost Hygiene, Flat Keys for, Thorough Surface Disinfection, Low Force Tactile, Key Feel for, Heavy Duty Type, Writing in Hygiene Critical Applications.


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Disinfectible PC-Keyboard for Purity and Hygiene AK-C8100 Serie Medical Key*

Features & Benefits :

The AK-C8100 is a high quality, reliable PC keyboard. The purification and disinfection capacity makes it a perfect fit in hospitals and at practitioners, as well as office, administration and industrial environments :

. The silicon membrane protects the key field against ingress of dirt and fluids.

The AK-C8100 impresses with low force key actuation and precise key guidance. With its 105 key standard keyboard layout (French Layout), the AK-C8100 is highly recommendable for heavy duty type writing in hygiene critical operations. For quantitatives orders, upon request

The AK-C8100 provides the following benefits for cleaning and disinfection :

•Thorough surface disinfection of the key field by spray/wipe sanitizing of the seamless, low profile silicone key membrane without corners and edges.

•Surface disinfection instead of invasive submersion cleaning:

No inner or outer re-contamination by polluted suds

No risk of germ proliferation and transmission by fluids leaking or dripping off the keyboard

No contact with contaminated openings (no touch contact)

•Clean Function allows to disable the key field while cleaning (“Fn”+”Cleanon/off”)

•Suitable for a multitude of hospital disinfectants and cleaning agents

•Exchange of silicone key membrane for sterilization

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