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CAPD Prox’N’Roll is a versatile 13.56MHz contactless reader and encoder for PC. With an attractive look and a fast USB interface, Prox’N’Roll is robust and affordable, ideal for high volume deployments.For quantity orders please contact us


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Contactless smartcards are increasingly present in today’s end user daily activities, and not limited to corporate offices. Along with its attractive look & feel and its USB interface for fast data transfer, Prox’N’Roll is robust and adapts to a variety of situations. A high performance technology: Prox’N’Roll supports USB 2.0 full speed (12Mbps), and fastest smartcard baud rate (848kbps). More over, this high range contactless reader is made in FRANCE.

PC/SC MODE : Prox’N’Roll PC/SC is supported by major operating systems. This standardized smartcard reader API allows developers to work with contactless cards (including Mifare and other wired-logic chips) as easily as if they were classical T=0 or T=1 contact cards.

LEGACY MODE : Once configured for legacy mode, Prox’N’Roll is 100% compliant with earlier SpringCard products, such as popular the popular CSB4 Mifare reader/writer. A smooth migration is possible without changing anything in existing software.

SUPPORTED CONTACTLESS SMARTCARDS : Prox’N’Roll is compliant with ISO/IEC 15693 and 14443 (A and B) standards. List of supported chips includes: NXP (Philips) : ICODE1, ICODE-SLI, Mifare Classic and UltraLight, Desfire, ProX, SmartMX, Texas Instrument : TagIT, ST MicroElectronics : SR176, SRiX, etc ASK CTS256B and CTS512B, HID iClass and Inside PicoTag, MultOS or JavaCard T=CL cards, Calypso transportation cards, NFC mobile phones or other NFC-capable objects (tag emulation mode).

A FEW TYPICAL APPLICATIONS : Loyalty programs, Micro-payment, Card issuing desk, User identication, And more...

Contactless smartcard interface :

Standards ISO/IEC 14443 A and B, T=CL - ISO/IEC 15693 and 18000-3 RFID carrier 13.56 MHz, Operating distance 1 to 5 cm depending on card and on environment, Card baud rate 106, 212, 424 or 848 kbit/s, Supported cards (partial list) :NXP (Philips) ICODE1, ICODE-SLI , etcƒƒ, Texas Instrument TagIT,ƒƒ NXP (Philips) MIFARE Classic & UltraLightƒƒ, NXP (Philips) DESFIRE, SmartMX, ProXƒƒ, Infineon SLE66 familyƒƒ, ST MicroElectronics SR, SRI , SRI X familiesƒƒ HID iClass, Inside PicoTagƒƒ, ASK CTS256/CTS512,ƒƒ Calypso (CD97, CD21, GTML, etc)ƒƒ, And virtually any ISO/IEC 14443 A or B compliant smartcard, or ISO/IEC 15693 compliant RFID label.

Hardware specifications :
Status indicator 3 LEDs (red, blue, green), Buzzer (85 dBA approx.)
Color : Blue wheels + black body
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 75 x 75 x 25 mm
Housing material ABS
Weight ≈ 150g
USB cable ≈ 1.80 m

Environment and safety: Operating temperature -20 +70°C

Storage temperature : -40 +85°C - MTBF 500 000 hours
CE mark EN50082 / EN55022 class B
Other standards : RoHS

USB interface :

Standard USB 2.0 full speed (12Mbps) - also supports 1.1 - Power supply Bus powered ( ≈200mA under 5V) User-selectable PC/SC or legacy operating mode.
PC/SC mode : Standard USB CCID profile Windows driver Tested with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Linux and othersOpen source pcsc-lite CCID driver APIand SDK Full PC/SC – Free SDK available
Legacy mode2 : USB virtual serial comm. port API compliant with existing products (CSB4, CSB5, K531, etc). Drivers Windows, Windows CE, Linux API and SDK SpringProx API

Free SDK available


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