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NFC’Roll connects to PC through a single USB link and 100% compliant with the PC/SC standard.
NFC’Roll supports any T=CL contactless smartcard (ISO 14443) and is able to read/write any NFC Forum Tag.


Its NFC peer-to-peer capability (ISO 18092), either as Initiator or as Target, is the basis of innovative applications using this exciting new technology. And, most important, the H512 series is the only group of products in its market that implements the card emulation mode into the device itself.


Along with its attractive look & feel and its USB interface for fast data transfer, NFC’Roll is robust and adapts to a variety of situations. NFC’Roll is the ideal NFC peripheral to integrate into kiosks, vending machines, point-of-sales PC, card printers or issuing devices... It is perfectly adapted to : Event, gaming, ticketing,ƒƒ Active advertising,ƒƒ Loyalty, couponing,ƒƒ Peer-to-peer smartphone applications.ƒƒ


SpringCard products are designed and manufactured in France, and distributed worldwide. With 12 years of expertise in smartcards, contactless, RFID and NFC, SpringCard is the ideal partner to make your project a success.


Contactless smartcard interface :

Standards : ISO/IEC 14443 A and B, T=CL ISO/IEC 15693 and 18000-3
RFID carrier : 13.56 MHz
Operating distance : 1 to 5 cm, depending on card and on environment
Card baud rate : 106, 212, 424 or 848 kbps
NFC Forum Tag read/write : ISO/IEC 14443 : 106, 212, 424 or 848 kbit/s - ISO/IEC 15693 : 26 kbit/s

Supported contactless smartcards (partial list) :

NXP Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, Desfire, ƒƒSmartMX...
NXP (Philips) MIFARE Classic, Plus, UltraLightƒƒ
NXP (Philips) DESFIRE, SmartMX, ProXƒƒ
Infineon SLE66 familyƒƒ
Innovision Jewel, Topazƒƒ
Calypso (CD97, CD21, GTML, etc), Innovatron ƒƒradio protocol
Texas Instrument TagITƒƒ
ST MicroElectronics SR, SRI, SRIX familiesƒƒ
ATMEL CryptoRFƒƒ
HID iClass, Inside PicoTagƒƒ
ASK CTS256/CTS512ƒƒ
And virtually any ISO/IEC 14443 A or B compliant smartcard, or ISO/IEC 15693 compliant RFID label Card emulation mode On-board emulation of NFC Forum type 2 Tag ƒƒand type 4 Tag, 1024kB available for NDEF data
Host-based emulation mode, with T=CL

USB PC /SC mode :
Standard : USB 2.0 full speed interface (12 Mbps), Standard USB CCID profile
Power supply : Powered by USB 5V DC +/- 10%, 150mA typ. , 200mA max
Windows driver : 2000/XP/Vista/Seven, Linux, *nix driver, Supported by PCSC-lite open source stack on Linux and other Unix systems

API and SDK :

Compliant with PC/SC version 2 specification Comprehensive SDK available free of charge, including those demo software : NFC peer-to-peer : basic implementation of ƒƒSNEP (« NFC beam » or « NDEF push ») on top of LLCP, in both initiator and target mode NFC Forum type 2 and type 4 Tag emulation ƒƒ(URL, Text, SmartPoster, vCard, MIME...) PC-based card emulation mode (ƒƒISO/IEC 7816-4 cardlet running on PC) NFC Forum Tags read/write applicationƒƒ and related applications from the PC/SC SDK


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